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A Statement from Toja Grid

We have left an indelible mark on thousands of people that are enjoying their Toja Grid system in their outdoor living space. We never compromise, always innovate, and are driven by quality at our core. 

As a company focused on innovation, we have taken steps to ensure that the rights to these products are properly protected through the patent, trademark, and design system. We are the original.

Toja Grid innovation is protected globally by intellectual property laws.

The Toja Grid Modular Pergola System is Patent Pending in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and Russia.

Solo™, Trio™, Quad™, Quint™ and Hammock Hanger™ are registered designs in Canada and Europe.  Ⓓ 2724889 Ontario Inc.  

Trio™ is patented (Pat. D887025) in the United States. Solo™, Trio™, Quad™, Quint™ and Hammock Hanger™ patent pending in the United States.

Other legs, connectors and brackets are Patent Pending in the United States and pending for industrial design registration in Canada and Europe.

Toja, Toja Grid and the Toja Grid logo are trademarks of Toja Inc. and are used under license.

Solo, Trio, Quad, Quint, Knect, Modular Bracket System, the "8 dot" pattern and Endless Possibilities are trademarks of Toja Grid Inc.

© Toja Grid Inc. 2020.