How do you say TOJA?

  • Toy - Yah

What type of wood should I use?

  • You can use any dry, straight, with rounded corners lumber that fits our brackets and is strong enough to build a pergola. By design, our products allow you the freedom to choose your preferred wood to suit your build and budget.

  • Note: 4x4 wood is in fact 3.5”x3.5” - the industry simply calls it 4x4. 6x6 wood is in fact 5.5"x5.5" - the industry simply calls it 6x6.

The lumber purchased doesn't fit the brackets, why?

  • Our primary line of brackets are made for 4x4 and 6x6 dressed wood.

  • There are different cuts of wood. Dressed wood is planed on all sides, has rounded corners and is most commonly referred to as 4x4 and 6x6 in stores. Dressed wood is what you would want to use with our primary bracket offering.

  • Rough Cut Lumber is dried but not planed. It is ‘rough sawn’ from the log and does not measure the same as the dressed 4x4 or 6x6. Rough cut is commonly found in, but not limited to, lumberyards.

What are the outside dimensions?

  • For 4x4 Pergolas: add 10”, this 10" includes the cavity in the brackets as well as the 1" flange on the SOLO (where the securing screws go)

  • For 6x6 Pergolas: add 14”, this 14" includes the cavity in the brackets as well as the 1" flange on the SOLO (where the securing screws go)

  • For Hammocks: The outside dimensions are 104"x104", height is at your discretion (our recommendation is no higher than 8 ft. lumber span for height); however we do suggest you build a cube.

  • If you're building a double or larger structure, please add 3.75"for 4x4 and 5.828" for 6x6, for each additional QUAD or QUINT added. ***NOTE - this addition is for the footprint, not the wood used***

How many people should help with build?

  • For a single pergola we recommend 4 people - 2 to lift top and 2 to insert the vertical posts (1 side at a time). For a double pergola we recommend 6-8 people - at least 4 to lift and 2 to insert vertical posts (see this helpful video).

How long are the straps for the SHADE SAIL?

  • The shade straps can extend the shade up to 8" more than its intended size, this will be reflected in more open space between shade and pergola.

  • 8ft to 8ft 8" / 10ft to 10ft 8" / 12ft to 12ft 8"

What are the SHADE SAILS made out of?

  • Our shades are made of High- Density Polyethylene, the same as heavy duty storage totes. Technology has found a way to turn that material into a monofilament and tape to allow for a woven construction resulting in a long-lasting strong pre-stretched shade that will protect you from 85% of harmful UVA/UVB.

Can I leave the SHADE SAILS up in the winter?

  • No. Please take shades down in winds of 50km/30mph, bad storms and winter. When storing make sure your SHADE SAIL is clean and completely dry. If storing indoors a storage bag is fine, but if storing in a garage or shed make sure to store in an air tight container to keep out moisture as well as critters. DO NOT place over or around any sources of heat or open flame.

Are the SHADE SAILS waterproof?

  • No, they are not. They may stop a light misting, but rain will pass through.

What is NOT included with the kits/brackets?

  • Lumber and Anchoring hardware are NOT included.

Why is lumber NOT included?

  • The main reason is that shipping wood is extremely expensive and most of the population has access to stores that sell wood locally where they live. It also allows you the freedom to select the type of wood you want to use for your build. There are also regional limitations of what kind of lumber is ideal for the build, different species of lumber would be used in tropical climate vs. a cold one.

Why is anchoring hardware NOT included?

  • Due to different building materials and requirements based on location, we advise on checking building codes and talking to your local hardware store for the best securing bolts for your specific surface and location.

Where can I find locations to buy?

  • Please use our Store Locator on our website to find a dealer near you.

Where can I mount my Toja Grid?

  • We always advise our customers to check your local building codes prior to mounting your Toja Grid pergolas and Hammocks.

  • View our Instagram page for inspiration and examples of where others have built their GRID system!

Can I get your items in Australia?

  • We do have a dealer in Australia, check out our Store Locator for locations.

Why do you not need a screw for each hole on the brackets?

  • All of our brackets require only 2 screws, for every set of 8 holes, using the holes closest to where the lumber inserts. Filling all holes can cause added stress to your lumber causing fishers/cracks in the wood over time. The additional holes are open for future accessories, such as a SHADE SAIL.

Can you hang swings or other accessories from the wood beams?

  • We cannot speak to the integrity and weight load capacity of the lumber, so the hanging of anything from your wood beams is at your own discretion and we advise reviewing with an engineer.

What is the recommended wood span?

  • We do not recommend exceeding 12 ft. lumber span for the length or width of any single section.

Can the brackets be used in areas with harsh weather?

  • Our brackets have an outdoor powder coating on them, that lasts up to 10 years, this allows them to be used in all weather and can be left up during the winter months.

What are your brackets made from?

  • Our 4x4 brackets are 14 gauge steel, 6x6 brackets are 12 gauge steel, 2x4 brackets are 14 gauge steel and 2x6 are 12 gauge steel.

What is the recommended pergola height?

  • We do not recommend exceeding 8 ft. lumber length for your vertical posts. This would give you an overall height of 8'4" for builds using our 4x4 brackets and 8'6" for builds using our 6x6 brackets.

How do I know about upcoming Products?

  • There are lots of new products coming up in the future, make sure you’re following us and signed up for our newsletter to stay updated on new and upcoming products!

Do you guys have a warranty on your products?

  • Brackets - 5 year limited manufacturers warranty, Shade Sail - 2 year limited manufacturers warranty, Hammock - 1 year limited manufacturers warranty. All warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase where the item and date of purchase are visible.

Where are your brackets made?

  • Our brackets are made in Canada using Canadian Steel.