Ideas for Small Backyard Spaces

Toja GridMay 3, 21

Spring is finally here and if you’re anything like us, that means you’re planning your backyard renovations and upgrades. We know that some homeowners face the challenge of limited outdoor space. A small space shouldn’t deter you from creating the backyard of your dreams. With a little creativity, any outdoor space can turn into an oasis. Here are a few practical small backyard ideas to help you get started.

Section Your Space 


Sectioning off your space when it’s limited seems counter intuitive, but it’s actually what landscaping experts recommend. Creating space within a space makes it seem bigger because you’ll have two separate outdoor living experiences.

Joy Diaz from Land Care Inc. recommends purchasing a small wooden pergola to create separate outdoor rooms.

At Toja Grid, we carry Any Size DIY Pergola Kits so that you can easily customize your pergola to fit within your space in just a few hours.

Using a Double Pergola, you can create a separate room for dining and a room for sitting, or you can keep it simple and have a shaded pergola for lounging underneath on the patio while the kids play on the grass beside you.

Use Functional Patio Furniture 

Using an outdoor structure like a pergola to anchor your space and separate sections of your patio can be built on further by investing in high-quality patio furniture. Keep your outdoor living dynamic and create a space for lounging, entertaining, and dining.

Even those living in townhouses and apartments can enjoy stylish outdoor living on their balconies and terraces with Toja Patio’s Slim Collection.

Think Vertically 


Can’t stretch your yard outwards? Try upwards. The sky is the limit when it comes to building and decorating vertically.

The height of a backyard structure such as a pergola gives the illusion of more space. Add vines, string lights, or even a floating garden by hanging planters on rafters or along a post wall. This will give your patio a lush appearance even with minimal green space.

If you have the finances for a renovation, consider playing with levels. Elevate whole areas such as a designated dining space or sink your fire pit. Terracing can carve out space for plants and low walls can double as bench seating.

Maximize Every Space 

Don’t let any green space go to waste. While backyards offer the most privacy, consider adding a reading nook under a shady tree in the front yard. A side yard can be converted from the place you store your garbage bins to an intimate seating area for drinks and conversation. With our Wall Mount Pergola, you can easily maximize the structures around your patio and create a shaded space to relax under.

With a few materials and some inspiration, any space can be turned into an oasis, no matter the size. For more ideas, follow us on Instagram and Pinterest where we share daily customer creations.