Outdoor Living Trends to Look Out for in 2021

Toja GridApr 1, 21

Last year impacted nearly every aspect of our lives. From transforming spare bedrooms into home offices to using the patio for relaxing staycations, homeowners needed to adapt. Outdoor living in 2021 is about finding the balance between retreating from your day to day life and creating an extension of your living space. Whether you have an additional property in cottage country or are looking to redesign your backyard at home, here are a few trends you don’t want to miss out on this year.

Staycation Renovations

Just as you may have turned your kitchen island into a workspace, patios are being redesigned to accommodate the remote lifestyle. Gone are the days of freestanding grills. Homeowners want to recreate the holiday resort life they’ve missed out on and are funding backyard renovations in place of travels. Outdoor living designer Fernando Wong reports an increase in family space requests, including TVs, pizza ovens, fire places, and billiards. Some also want to focus more on outdoor dining, with fully equipped outdoor kitchens, storage space, and custom grills.

If you’re looking to start simple, we recommend a custom DIY pergola. You’ll be able to create a shaded space and an extension of your home without the cost of professional renovators. The customization also allows you to be flexible in your future landscaping designs.

Rattan Furniture Sets

Adding texture and natural materials to your patio set-up will add warmth and comfort. Both Insider and HGTV project a surge in rattan and wicker furniture styles. Many modern homes are moving away from identical matching sets to bring more depth and personality to their spaces. This means that even if a new patio set is out of your budget, an accent lounge chair or sofa will still enhance your space. 

Plants in Paradise

In 2020, staying busy was synonymous with staying sane, and many took up additional hobbies to pass the time. 2020 saw an increase in horticulture and gardening, and that trend is only expected to grow more in 2021. Zen style gardens are on the rise to create a calm atmosphere and “unplug” from the online world. In contrast, bright and adventurous plants are also in demand. Whatever style you gravitate towards, the emphasis is on creating your personal outdoor paradise.

Comforting Environment

Above all else, homeowners are seeking comfort and escapism during a time of turmoil. In addition to plants, adding individual touches to your outdoor space can create a comforting environment. This includes:

  • String lights
  • Water fountains
  • Shades for increased privacy

As the spring season draws closer, use any one of these trends to plan your patio and share the experience with your loved ones.

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